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Eligibility for Admission

We admit all normal children subject to the following conditions

  • Class- appropriate knowledge (based on our evaluation)
  • Date of Birth Schedule for Admissions (minimum condition)
  • The minimum age for admission (as on 31st March of the year of admission) to Pre – KG is 2+,LKG is 3+, UKG is 4+, and Grade I is VI etc…

    Minimum Age Limit for class of Admission
    (Academic Year June 2017 – April 2018)

    Karthi Vidyalaya ICSE International School Kumbakoam

    Admission to a class is based on our Evaluation of the Child’s class – appropriate knowledge in addition to the minimum age limit listed above. No relaxation in age limit.

    Documents to be submitted along with application form

  • Properly filled in application form with a recent passport size photograph of the child affixed on it.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of the child
  • Copy of Progress Reports of the current and previous year (For classes Sr. KG to Grade VI)
  • Children born outside India to produce PIO/ Passport copy

  • Documents to be submitted at the time of payment of fees

  • Copy of Immunization record of the child (for admissions up to Grade I)
  • Two more recent passport size photographs of the child
  • Adopted Children to produce copy of all documents pertaining to adoption Original Transfer Certificate from the previous school (for      classes Sr. KG – Grade VI) MUST be submitted.
  • Documents Required for Admission


    All classes have mid – semester evaluations in the month of July / August and December and semester evaluation in September/ October and February / March. Progress reports for Semester I will be given in the month of November and that of Semester II by April 15. We expect parents to review the performance of their child with our Teachers and return the progress report card within 2 days after duly signing the card.
    Attendance is compulsory during monthly and term end evaluations. Evaluations Will not be rescheduled for absentee children. Absence during evaluations will affect grades as each evaluation has a certain weight age in the term end grade.


    The student must attend at least 85% of working days for promotion to the next higher standard.


    Promotion is based on intellectual, emotional and overall personality development of the student apart from attendance and behaviour. We will provide constant feedback to the parents on these issues.


    We work from Monday to Friday for classes Per KG to Sr. KG, Grade I and above will have sessions on all Saturdays except second and fourth Saturdays.
    All students get a 10- minute recess around 10.40 a.m for snacks and the lunch session for all students is between 12.20 p.m and 12.50 p.m.


    We work from Monday to Friday and is closed on 2nd and 4th Saturdays and all Sundays. The following days will be observed as holidays every year by us.

  • Independence Day
  • Onam
  • Vinayakar Chathurthi
  • Gandhi Jayanthi
  • Deepavali
  • Pongal
  • Republic Day
  • Ugadi
  • Thamizh Puththandu ( Chithirai 1)
  • During the days when the weather is inclement, we will decide to close the institution based on Government Notices (issued before first van pick – up - 7. 45 am) Parents can use their discretion about sending their ward on a particular day. If the school is closed on a particular day due to bad weather, then the immediate Saturday (based on weather condition) will be a working day for all classes (except Pre – KG)

    Identity Card

    We will issue a photo identity card to each child and the child must wear it along with the uniform.
    Withdrawals / Transfer Certificate
    We wish that all students pursue their education till the end of every Academic Year. However, if it’s necessary for the parent to withdraw their child, they are expected to give a one – month notice and pay the entire fee for the Academic Year. Parents withdrawing their child at the end of any Academic Year must submit their request for Transfer Certificate to us on or before March 1st of that year.

    Leave or Absence

    Parents must inform Management in writing about any absence (short or long) of the child. A leave letter from the parent is mandatory.
    We request you not to use transport operators for conveying messages including leave status.

    Karthi Vidyalaya ICSE International School Kumbakoam

    We provide best ICSE & Matriculation School education in kumbakonam private schools. We got talented teachers and trainers.

    About Us

    “As you Sow, so you Reap."
    Sow the seed of your child's wisdom today at Karthi Vidhyalaya

    There is no limit to knowledge. The first step, however, begins at Karthi Vidhyalaya International (ICSE) School.

    With well researched tailor-made programs for children, we help your child start an exciting voyage of exploration into the world of knowledge and wisdom! With US, your child will develop

  • Inherent love for learning
  • Encyclopaedic knowledge
  • Compute mathematical problems effortlessly with lightning speed
  • Conceptual clarity and application skills
  • Ability to communicate in multiple languages easily

  • Karthi Vidhyalaya is established under a registered charitable trust formed to help children learn education in a joyful manner.

    Dr.S.A.Karthikeyan is the Founder of Karthi Vidhyalaya Group of Schools. Prior to this, he was working as an engineer doing a lot of researches at Chennai.

    Karthi Vidhyalaya is ably supported by a team of Advisors both in Management and Academics.

    Our Teachers are Our Greatest Strength

    Our Teachers are trained by experts in areas ranging from:

  • Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences
  • Languages
  • Montessori Systems, Activity Based Learning, Glen Doman Methods
  • Child Psychology
  • Physical Development, Yoga, Meditation, Brain Development
  • Exercises
  • Music, Arts & Crafts, Story Telling
  • Multimedia Devices, Preparation of Teaching Aids
  • Inculcation of Quest for Knowledge in Children and Teachers
  • Use of Abacus and other Mental Mathematics , Indian Culture and the Value Systems.
  • We promise to devilery our quality education ICSE & Matriculation Schools.

  • Some of the essential qualities for being our teacher includes

  • Being a mother to every child who comes to learn in the institution
  • Being ready to learn on a continuous basis and upgrade knowledge
  • Commitment to our philosophy
  • Appreciation of Indian culture and value systems
  • Commitment towards sustained hard work

  • Karthi Vidyalaya ICSE International School Kumbakoam