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    Selected students were interviewed in the Fall of Spring of 2013. Students were generally first or second semester sophomores The interviews were semi-structured in nature, using predetermined questions but allowing the interviewer to follow up where appropriate. Students were asked about their decision to attend their school; why they chose engineering in general and their particular major; the influence of the matriculation model at their school (FYE or DM) on their choice of school and of major; the influence of the first year in general on their choice of major; other influencers of their choice of major; planned major for those still in FYE or undecided; and reasons for remaining in FYE or undecided, if applicable. Students who completed the interview were paid $20 for their participation. We then engaged in open coding of the interview transcripts to identify themes related to our research goals. Matriculation Schools in Kumbakonam

    Similar to most institutions of higher learning (HLI) around the globe, the admission requirements for all HLI in Malaysia offering engineering courses include good grades in physics, mathematics or other numerate subjects. Students’ evaluations are based on the grades scored from administrative tests, quizzes and assignments are convenient as it provides a summative measure of students’ cognitive ability. However, such measure is said be lacking in precision and low in reliability when measuring achievement levels of individual students. The aim of this paper is to reassess the method of evaluation by taking into account of the measurements of items and linear measures for persons and items. Using the stochastic Rasch model, performance of the matriculation students in the Physics examination paper is examined. The study suggests that the item model gives a good fit but persons and items measurement gives a fair fit. The measurement also indicates that a number of students encounter significant difficulties in grasping some of the fundamental topics in physics. These findings provide valuable insights into the structure and functionality of the examination paper. In general terms, it provides useful information in ensuring quality delivery of teaching and learning at the matriculation level.


    students who entered undecided or from another discipline. Two switched to industrial engineering from biology, one from a smaller engineering discipline, and one from undecided engineering. Mechanical engineering students cite the breadth of the field as a key reason for choosing it. More students in this discipline indicated that they enjoy working with their hands than students in other fields. These students also tend to prefer physics to chemistry.


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