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    At present, the traditional teaching methods are not enough to arouse interest of students in learning and it is difficult to achieve the expected learning effect in secondary vocational schools. In order to solve this problem, this paper has done some research in secondary vocational schools. It is found that Maker education, as a new form of secondary vocational education, has been loved by students to some extent. This paper makes a brief analysis of traditional teaching methods and creative education in terms of students’ attitudes and achievements. It is found that students have good learning attitudes and high learning interest in Maker classroom, which is conducive to the systematic mastery of scientific knowledge. Moreover, this paper also conducts in-depth investigation and research on the feasibility and necessity of Maker Education in secondary vocational schools, which provides relevant theoretical basis for the full implementation of Maker education in icse schools. View More

    The essence of secondary vocational education should be educating people. Education is a career that takes promoting
    human growth as its own responsibility. The political function, economic function and social function of education
    should be realized through the cultivation of people, while the development of society, economy and politics should
    ultimately be human-oriented . Good secondary vocational education should change the mental state of
    students and release all their potentials, thus improving their comprehensive quality and helping them to grow up

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    At present, most secondary vocational schools still adopt the traditional teaching modes. Due to the low entry scores
    of students in secondary vocational schools, the quality of students in the school is generally low, and the foundation of
    their cultural courses is slightly poor. Students are more difficult in class and easy to distract. Students do not have
    enough enthusiasm for studying, and most of the students in secondary vocational schools have lost interest in the cultural
    class in the junior high school . A random sample of 100 secondary vocational students was selected to investigate
    their attitudes towards academic courses, as shown in figure Therefore, the teaching effect is not ideal, and teachers
    and students have a poor class experience, which make teachers feel tired and make students lose self-confidence. If
    the student cannot obtain the result feeling in the study for a long time, will certainly cause the student to be weary of
    learning and affect the physical and mental development of them. CBSE Schools in Kumbakonam

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