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     Mathematics (STEM) students consistently outpaces supply. One of the recognized means for improving the readiness of high school students for STEM-related careers is outreach to high school programs. The newly created Ingram Schools of Engineering at Texas State University San Marcos has partnered with the E3 Alliance and Project Lead The Way (PLTW) to create an opportunity for high school students to receive college credit in engineering disciplines for a set of advanced high school STEM courses. Many previous STEM-related high school outreach efforts have centered on skills in mathematics and the basic sciences. Less early emphasis on engineering skills is not surprising since most engineering skills require strong mathematics and science skills as prerequisites. This paper identifies a set of skills common to many engineering disciplines which can be taught contemporaneously with high school mathematics and science courses. CBSE Schools in Kumbakonam

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    In many educational settings, “technology” often refers to computers and the Internet, though many
    technology educators understand the term to mean “how people modify the natural world to suit their own purposes…
    the diverse collection of processes and knowledge that people use to extend human abilities and to satisfy human
    needs and wants” . Similarly, “engineering” is susceptible to multiple interpretations that may include operating
    railway engines and fire trucks, as well as being responsible for routine cleaning of school buildings. In the United States,
    accurate perceptions of the engineering profession are most prevalent among those who are related to or acquainted with
    a professional engineer . For many STEM programs, the engineering component consists of manipulative activities
    that involve students with creating various artifacts, such as robots, model rockets, or trebuchets International Schoolss in Kumbakonam

    Initiative described here is being developed at Laing Middle Schools of Science and Technology in Mount Pleasant, SC. Although many STEM programs are focused on high school students, we recognize that many students, particularly girls, lose interest in science and mathematics somewhere between ages 9 and 12 . For this reason, we believe that it is critical that STEM initiatives include elementary and middle school students, if these initiatives are intended to increase the number of students who consider careers.

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