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    International Schools kumbakonam annual day Function

    1. To make the slow learners to improve in their studies.
    2. To make the children love their parents and respect all elders.
    3. To bring out the state topper of all subjects.
    4. Prepare our students to be leaders and visionaries in their profession of choice.
    5. The children should feel pleasant to enter into the classroom.
    6. Check individually the child’s talent and give them as they like.
    7. Create an environment to nurture and develop young individuals who will in turn contribute to the betterment of society.
    8. Free talk or counseling with children if necessary or with parents and find solution for the betterment of the children.
    9. To make them 100% neat in their code of uniform and other regularities.
    10. To make the children feel free in thinking.Schools in Kumbakonam

    In order to analyze the promoting effect of the sports industry on the construction of public sports resources, a kind of sports industry to promote the construction of public sports resources model based on the fusion of nonlinear Bayesian algorithm is put forward in this paper. Through the application of the nonlinear Bayesian algorithm to the sports industry to promote the construction of public sports resources, the limited public sports resources are allocated to the production of the public sports products and the provision of the services, so as to generate the optimal economic benefits to meet the demand of social groups on sports. Finally, through experiments, the feasibility and effectiveness of the sports industry to the public sports resource model put forward in this paper is verified.


    The investigation module carries out statistics on the data of the sports industry in the promotion of the public sports resource construction. The analysis module carries out fusion analysis or calculation and other methods on the collected data and determines whether the model should be used for the computation on the construction of the public sports resource model. The negotiation module mainly seeks the optimal allocation method that can meet the public sports resources. And the implementation module applies the optimal configuration obtained through the construction of the public sports resource model to the model, so as to achieve the effective control of the model


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